Dear Infiniti…

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A couple of more hours and this beautiful car would be no longer ours to keep.  ” Let’s take it for a drive,” he said. The engine purred and he floored it. Of course, there are better cars, faster and more handsome too, but this Infiniti G37 was special.

Story goes that this blue pearl beast was an ordinary white with many a scratches, signs that gave away brutal submission to a reckless caretaker in the U.S. Nobody in the right mind would have bought this car but only a few would vision a masterpiece from scrap metal. By the time the car touched the sandy Middle Eastern Shores, the new owner had already purchased parts committed to revolutionizing his new run-down car.

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Loading our run-down buy at the docks

Metallic flakes in the blue pearl rendered the Infiniti a subtle shine that commanded attention to its customized detail. The car went through a thorough revamp encapsulating comfort and driving experience i.e suited for revving motorsports as well as for a sophisticated plush drive around town. The suspension took on an expensive upgrade with Eibach adjustable sway-bars,  SPC Front/SPL Rear camber arms and KW coilovers. Just Google the terms.

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After the brakes got an uplift with Racing Brake two-piece light-weight rotors and Racing brake performance pads; made the car a force to be reckoned with. Yes! a lot more exciting I mean. From the mundane customary to the truly uncommon, designed and purpose-built for the owner, the Infiniti G37 took the road in style.

Goodbye old champ

It presented us with many special moments and memories. I begged him to keep it but, alas, we had to let it go for such is life. Our Infiniti G37 was a testament to my husband’s creativity and his exceptional taste, which would certainly be talked about with pride amongst our succeeding generations. Let’s hope they will remember and hope their cars would be just as splendid.






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  1. RM says:

    That was a wonderful ode to an old champ..couldnt help to hold back that tear!!!


    1. Thank you and ever so humbled by your comment!


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