Chefs that Got Me Cooking Like a Pro, Dedicated to the Novice

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most celebrated film-makers but, what made him a legend? His movies were captivating and gripping that it often leaves the spectator amused and shocked at the same time. When mixed feelings are evoked simultaneously, the tale leaves a mark. It won’t be forgotten and that is the formula for a timeless classic. Hitchcock’s stories were hardly his,  but were often adaptions of many novels written by talented authors. Now, Hitchcock read the works of selected authors; evidently it was them who helped him succeed. The formula for being an excellent cook is more or less the same. Know the masters and follow their ways, add your ladle of knowledge and soon you’d be a legend yourself.

Quick and easy without compromising on taste and nutrition are the golden keywords we look for when we scourge for recipes on the internet. Thanks to chefs like Mr.Oliver who are gracious enough to share their menu cards for the week, the cook dilettante in me is gratified. With the culinary knowledge that I’ve gathered so far, I can wholeheartedly say that cooking is certainly an art that is easy to master in time. Tap in your new-found flavours to a borrowed recipe and Voila! Bon appetite!


1. Hello Foodtubers!


The channel is called Foodtube. If you want to try dishing out Indian, Spanish, French, Italian and more, hold Foodtube close. Yes, they do desserts too. They do give away trade secrets which makes your life so much easier and gets you innovative in the kitchen too.

Tried and tested a handful of recipes. So good and so comforting! Love this channel. Oh and you will find the perfect recipe for the most delicious red velvet cheesecake on this channel.

 2. Butter chicken cravings

The best butter-chicken recipe ever and I was basked with love when I cooked this for my family. Food with Chetna simplifies Indian cooking but doesn’t fall short of spices at all.

Tried and Tested various recipes from this channel and all my dishes turned out to be absolute winners.

3. Cupcake Lovers


Cupcake Jemma is a fun channel that you’ll love to follow if you are a creative geek. All kinds of toppings and fillings- the kind your dreams are made of. Pancake tower creamed with nutella layers and chocolate ganache is what I’m talking about.\

Tried and tested:

Salted Chocolate Brownie Cookies

4. Cooking for Jeffrey

Type in Ina Garten on YouTube and you will end up with tons of videos mostly in the name of Barefoot Contessa. She has been featured on many food devoted channels. She generously shared her recipes through her bestselling cookbook “Cooking for Jeffrey”.

Tried and tested:

Creme Brulee

Let your cravings come true!


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