Chocolate Lovin’ Desserts to Die For in Dubai

Baking is just so therapeutic that I would happily choose it over a free massage. I guess this obsession is simply the reason for my unconditional love for chocolate. I’ve heard and read that Dubai is host to the best dessert chains and honestly, I can’t say I’ve tried them all. Really, the gastronomic market is huge out here. Although many have shut down, the one’s that have made the mark are bound to stay. Now, on with the hunt for the best-selling chocolate in the commercial capital of UAE.

Stop 1 : Godiva Cafe at JBR,The Walk

Copy of THE HARDEST (1)
Love everything Godiva!

Almost everything listed on their menu is a bestseller. Hot chocolate tasted divine and the pancakes were too good that we ordered two more. Ultimate chocolate extravagance is what I would call it. You might get sugar high but its so worth it.

Stop 2: Cocoa Room at Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road

At Cocoa Room.

Aah…Yes, that’s an elated sigh after I treated myself to the best red velvet pancakes in town. I just didn’t have the heart to stop the waiter when he generously topped my vibrant dish with oozy caramel. What a blessed sight for a foodie! Did I say that hot chocolate served here is crowned with caramelized marshmallows, lots of them.

At Cocoa Room.

Stop 3: The Chocolate Bar, Mirdif City Centre

At The Chocolate Bar

A local favourite, simply put , this place is chocolate heaven. True to its name, I did get drunk.. on chocolate of course! I’ve always been on the lookout for pure gooey molten chocolate goodness that isn’t adulterated and Chocolate Bar, thou art my genie. Double Chocolate Shot coupled with Classic Molten Chocolate Cake looked so very desirable and I gave in to the decadent pleasure.

Stop 4: Vintage Chocolate Lounge, Dubai Mall

I couldn’t resist the Aztec Vintage Hot Chocolate. A serious choco-holic will know why I chose Aztec. The classic take on this comforting drink is exceptionally good too. I was overjoyed at the quantity because it came in pots that could fill two cups till the brim. Now, that’s what I call luxury.  Chocolate caramel cake didn’t impress us and we were too heavy to try more. They do have unique vintage chocolate bites that aren’t listed on the menu and I hear those are the showstoppers. Pop the question to the waiters, they’ll happily help you.

Stop 5: Molten Me, Jumeirah 1

White chocolate base with chocolate ganache filling is certainly my pick among the delightful lot. I guess pistachio won the popular vote but I’m keeping that for next time.

Stop 6: Moreish Cafe, Oud Metha

Copy of THE HARDEST (2)
Moreish Cafe did our initials in chocolate ganache. We wiped it clean!

This is one hell of a dessert you’ve got to try. The Moreish Special Chocolate Lotus Mousse is soft, creamy and light on the taste buds and I bet you just can’t stop eating it. The Chocolate Spa Dessert is a masterpiece, leaves you swooning in love with it with every bite you take.

That’s a wrap my foodies. If you’ve tried a jolly good dessert place in Dubai, let me know in the comments below!


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  1. John Alexander says:

    Very tempting. You are really spoilt for choice. With an expanding waist line, thank God I am not in Dubai.
    I can resist anything except … Temptation!


    1. Oh c’mon! Expanding waist line shouldn’t stop you. We can always trim that out! No worries. Stop by Dubai sometime 🙂


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