High on Titan Performance


THE HARDESTYou know how annoying it can get when you are out in the sweltering heat, stuck in traffic to go all the way to a garage that is located in Sharjah. Well, we really don’t mind  all that hassle, as long as the garage guys know what our car wants and gets it done for a not-so-ripping price. In UAE, we love our cars and we make sure as hell that ours cars are treated like kings.

So for all you Dubai motor enthusiasts, you’ve got a saver. Floor it to Titan Performance at Ras Al Khor. Engraved and designed in steel, this should grab your attention easily because there aren’t any fancy garages that look sharp in this dusty rugged landscape. The mechanics who run the show are big time motor geeks who live for the cause of cars. If it weren’t for cars, probably these guys would have died. Yes, that car high? Yup!

Talk about off-road and on-road customization, the recent car-fad the motor world is raving about, Titan Performance knows it all. Did I also mention that the show runners of Titan Performance are a major part of various car groups who go off-roading? Well, its no surprise why they know so well what your car needs for a good ride.


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