You Need Only So Much Money to Eat, Drink and Stay in Georgia

the-hardest“How much money do you need to go about in Georgia?”, was the most asked question after our ideal winter vacation. If it is your first time in this country, you should sign up for a guide. You may get misguided or even lost if you go about alone because most of the locals speak Georgian and Russian too, leaving only a handful of youngsters who can communicate in English.

We fished out Davit, a seasoned tour expert, following several personal recommendations listed out in travel websites. Born in the beautiful countryside of Telavi nestled in the lap of mountains, Davit knew his country inside out, its nooks and crannies and all that internet miserably failed to fill me in. Being Georgian himself, he was not only resourceful but also rich in knowledge about the local culture, history and traditions.

Greeting us for the first time at Tbilisi airport in the quintessential Georgian manner with homemade Cha-cha (Vodka), it did not take him long to be our favourite. Our baby-steps to learning Georgian began with the word Gaumarjos!(Cheers!) in the wee hours of the morning. As soon as we checked into the room, exhaustion overtook us and we were fast asleep.

Hotel Isaka, run by the kindest old couple, always put our comfort first.  Not only did we get a free upgrade but they also served us authentic Georgian breakfast upon request on the second day. Baked bread, breaded fish, organic honey, plums in honey, red kidney beans and a piping hot cup of tea.  Perfect for a cold, snowy morning.

However, that wasn’t how we started out our first day in Georgia. Hungry and excited to explore Tbilisi, the capital city, we forgot about coffee, but more on Georgian food later. This is how we planned our trip with Davit. Click here to get in touch with him.

Day 1- Hang around Tbilisi, the most happening place in Georgia.

Day 2-  On the road to North Georgia stop by Jinvali Dam and Ananuri Fortress. Skiing at Gudauri Resort.

Day 3- Visit East Georgia. Drive through old towns and villages. Stop by the largest winery in Kvareli.

Day 4- Visit Town Gori, Atenis Sioni and Stalin’s Museum.

Day 5- Visit Signagi and Bakuriani.

Day 6- Visit Mtskheta.

It cost us only 200$ per head for six days to tour and eat to our heart’s content in Georgia.

Coming up : The Best Restaurants In Georgia Locals Love.

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