Georgia, Paradise That Gets You Drunk.



There is a rule in Georgia and it goes like this, “3 shots of Vodka at a time or none”.  The very secret to why Georgians are warm and friendly. Georgia is a fun place to hang out, no doubt and easy-on-the- pocket too. Vodka, locally known as Cha-Cha is brewed, often, in every Georgian home. Without a gulp or two of Cha-Cha, the biting cold in this part of the world, generally referred to as Eurasia, could get unbearable.

Still reeling in winter, snow-clad Georgia is as spectacular as is during any other season. There’s a sharp drop in temperature during mid-February. Occasionally, clouds make way for the gleaming yellow, the much-needed warmth when the chilly breeze brushes against our cheeks.

Six days  were just about enough to explore this ancient country lined with rustic villages silhouetted against the snow-clad Caucasus. The orthodox churches that have stood the test of time are many. Although buildings lack the effortless European sophistication, yet, it exudes a charm of something that lies pure, untouched from the rush of modernization and one only wishes it goes on thus. For the very things that make something unique aren’t borrowed or influenced, but its own. That is why Georgia is more deserving than “beautiful”.

Coming up: Day 1 to Day 6, How Much Money Do You Need To Get Around Georgia, Georgian Restaurants That Locals Love!

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