Getting Makeup Advice is Essential Before Buying

Overwhelmed by makeup, I gave up on buying any product. All I wanted was a simple, hassle free, good-to-go makeup transformation that I could slap on in five minutes.  Usually makeup brands have a handful of mixed reviews making it even more difficult to choose, overpriced too, and people who sell the fancy glam-enriching bottles often tell me, “It is very nice for your skin Mam. It will make you look fair.” Not only do such statements ruin the cause that Makeup stands for but it also makes me want to punch their face.

Well,who could help me out? Research was on and all I could find was a bunch of YouTubers who wouldn’t stop talking and took maybe ten minutes or more to get to point number 2 . What I needed was a makeup expert, a beauty consultant who would help me pick a quality product and would be gracious enough to also teach me how to do certain makeup looks.  Yes, I wanted the cherry and the cake.I got both.

The lookout for  a budding, albeit talented artist, who knew their stuff turned out to be a roaring success. I picked Label L following careful reviews and consideration of her portfolio– a rich collection of the best looks so meticulously done to perfection. Label L understood what my face needed when I’m out buying groceries, which facial features  needed definition for a romantic dinner and how subtle(not boring) yet powerful I should look, for work.  Following a free consultation, I signed up for Label L’s  makeup classes and makeup purchase session. It was so worth it. For more information click here


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