To New Beginnings

The pilot’s incoherent accent was decipherable this time,  “Ladies and Gentlemen we are about to touch down Dubai airport in 15 minutes. Cabin crew prepare for landing.” It is 9.30 pm in Dubai and I couldn’t contain my excitement. This October evening is a special one. The  sky-scrappers lit dramatically and I could tell that the streets are wide, lined with cars heading home perhaps. The view from where I was seated left me dreamy. Reading the expression on my face, my co-passenger who had been  comforting her two fussy kids asked, “First time I guess?.”  “Oh!yes”. I was still dazzled by the city that I looked away from her face rather too quickly.

“You will like it here, but it isn’t home you know.”  “Oh so why are you here?”  I wanted to ask but I wasn’t interested in a conversation that would  ruin my moving day.  I enjoyed walking through the extensive sophisticated pathways of the Dubai airport. I got a whiff of Indian spices from the array of restaurants inside the airport and I heard my language too,LOUD  from afar.  ” Yes, I have reached Dubai on time, safe and sound. Did you have rice and fish curry for dinner?…”I smiled as I overheard him say this.

Getting a firm hold of my baggage, I knew I hadn’t brought the right clothes for this glam city. I pushed my trolley, trying hard to be my elegant lady-self, searching through the crowd for the two familiar faces who have become my family over the course of previous six months.  “Vivienne! over here”.  I waved back excited, and blushed pink when I saw his face. “Hello Mol! Welcome to Dubai. Have you eaten? We have food at home if you are hungry. Do tell your parents that you’ve alighted safe, they must be worried sick, poor things!”,  my new mum said all at once as she held me in her swift motherly embrace.

Tired was I but the night was young, the city still alive and the cool breeze was so comforting that I had to pinch myself to believe that Dubai was happening to me.

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